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Application and characteristics of brushless motor

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Application and characteristics of brushless motor

In recent years, the brushless DC motor has been replaced more and more by the brushless DC motor with its high efficiency and low noise, which has developed rapidly in the small and medium motor industry.

1, brush motor

It uses carbon brush as the motor power supply of two contacts, the use of speed control and controller to control, through the gear secondary deceleration and beyond the clutch to achieve electric bicycle 0-20 km/h stepless speed regulation. At present, the brush high-speed motor has high gold content, strong motor reduction gear strength, good wear resistance, reasonable design, so the repair rate is low; And the cost of maintenance and replacement of gear and motor is less, effectively reducing the maintenance cost of electric bicycles; And the brushed motor allows easy manual riding by overpowering the clutch and flywheel. Brush motor is the use of brush mechanical commutation!


2. Brushless motor

The cost of its speed control system is higher than that of the brush-speed motor speed control system, and the controller is prone to failure in use. Electric bicycle with brushless motor speed must be to more than 35 km/h, can play the best efficiency, but we know that electric bicycle as a non-motor vehicle management, speed must be under 20 km/hour, so the brushless motor is electric bicycle is chosen to reduce the working efficiency, desirability is not strong. The main point of its adoption now is that it is quiet. Brushless motor is the use of electronic circuit commutation! There are detection elements to detect polarity!


Brushless motor has more characteristics than brush motor:

1, thin, light weight, high power brushless motor rotor using permanent magnet magnetic steel, therefore, to achieve thin, light weight and high power. It can meet the miniaturization demand of the device.

2, more energy saving brushless motor rotor using permanent magnet magnetic steel, reduce the secondary loss of the rotor, significantly reduce power consumption. It helps save energy.

3. Stable brushless DC motor is composed of motor body and driver. Since the brushless DC motor is operated in automatic control mode, it will not oscillate and lose step when the load changes.

4, service life brushless motor can work for about 20000 hours, the conventional service life of 7-10 years. Carbon brush motor: can work continuously for about 5000 hours, the conventional service life of 2-3 years.

5. The after-sale carbon brush motor needs to be replaced. If the replacement is not enough, the motor will be damaged. The brushless motor has a long service life, usually more than 10 times that of the brushless motor. It is not required for routine maintenance.

6, the use of brushless motor is digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability. After the carbon brush motor is generally started, the working speed is constant, the speed regulation is not very easy, the series motor can also reach 20000 RPM, but the service life will be relatively short.

7. The cost of brushless motor is higher than that of brush motor, but because of its powerful function, there are more and more scenes of brushless motor application now. If the cost is not considered, the brush motor is not comparable to the brushless motor.

8, brushless motor needs to be configured with a controller. Occupy more space than the brush motor.

Because brushless DC motor has a series of advantages, so it is more widely used than the brush DC motor, especially for the following applications:

1. Brushless DC motor for automobile. In addition to being the core component of car drive, motor can also be used in car air conditioning wipers, electric doors, airbags, electric seats and other drives.

2. Brushless DC motor for aviation

3. Application of brushless DC motor in household appliances such as blender, vacuum cleaner, floor washer, portable car pump, etc. Children's toys, electric scooters, electric moped, etc. Such as model aircraft enthusiasts use model aircraft, drones, aerial photography tools, ship models, etc.; Electric bikes, video cameras, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric doors.

4, the application of brushless DC motor in the field of office automation computer air-cooling system, shredder, digital camera, photocopier, fax machine, recorder and LD DVD player and other office equipment products have been very good application.

5, in the fan, water pump application at present, DC brushless motor has been successfully used in household air conditioning axial fan, tubular fan, electric fan exhaust fan and other small fans. Because of the improvement of motor efficiency, the power consumption of the small fan decreases obviously, and the performance and quality are greatly improved.

6, in the application of medical instruments such as orthopedic medical instruments due to the need of surgery, the power system is required to be able to continuously change speed in a wide range to meet the requirements of milling seam, drilling, sawing and other occasions. The current driving motor for orthopedic medical instruments is single-phase AC/DC series excitation motor and voltage regulator, which is very noisy. Due to the existence of brushes and commutators, it is impossible to disinfect before surgery, which has a certain impact on the effect of surgery, and it is necessary to replace brushes regularly and maintain the motor. Brushless DC motor does not exist the above hidden dangers, as a driving system, its low noise, wide range speed regulation, small size, light weight and other characteristics, is undoubtedly the best choice of medical instruments.

According to the current market development trend, high efficiency and energy saving motor is the general trend. In recent years the introduction of energy-saving products to benefit the people project is the development of brushless DC motor. At present, brushless DC motor mainly to low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and energy saving direction.

Believe that over time, the price will not become a stumbling block to block brushless motor to occupy the market. For the foreseeable future, brushless motor will be fully eliminated brush motor, motor products will enter the brushless era. In order to meet the brushless "age", LONGWAY MOTOR Has long been ready



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